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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Open Day

Joanna Lumley and Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett co-host CWH Open Day. Music by KlezMozarts

Renowned actress, gorgeous looking James Bond girl, Joanna Lumley and Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett co-introduced the seventh Open Day at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in Fulham Road on 14 June 2014.   The theme of this year’s Open Day was “Keep You Well”.

Joanna Lumley at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

“Your pride by turning up here today shows that this is one of absolute heartbeats of this whole area,” – said Joanna Lumley about  the hospital and  proceeded to cut the massive white cake, celebrating twenty one years of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, with a lengthy kitchen knife.

Teddy Bear Clinic for children.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

Visited by two thousand people, this fabulous day was full of fun activities with stalls, cakes, keep fit classes, arts and music.   An elegant statue of Hugo the Labrador, displayed on the ground of floor, was designed by Joanna Lumley and named after her own black Labrador.

Fire brigade supported Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Open Day.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

Entertainment programme included African Cultural Development world music and dance group, KlezMozarts performance by Oleg Lapidus and Yuval Havkin, who boldly experiment with classical pieces, adding Klezmer sound to the original tunes, Akademi South Asian Dance and Dick Laurie’s Elastic Band.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has been my “home away from home” over the past year due to cancer.  The Open Day was a great occasion for me to visit it for fun rather than for medical reasons.

Visit my DEMOTIX page to view photographs of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Open Day:

Joanna Lumley hosts Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Open Day 2014

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Art of the World international art exhibition in London

“Art of World” exhibition video to “Damn You All”  by Frazer Kennedy at La Galleria Pall Mall

“Art of the World” international contemporary group exhibition took place at La Galleria Pall Mall in London between 16 and 22 March with the Opening Night on 17 March.  Musicians Frazer Kennedy (vocals/ guitar) and Rick Joseph (acoustic guitar) delivered fantastic entertainment on the night.  “Scotland has produced more than whisky and mythical monsters.  It has also produced Frazer Kennedy – one of the best singer-songwriters to come out of Scotland since Gerry Rafferty… ” – says Frazer’s profile on his website.  “From a childhood in the mountains and the sounds of the ceilidh, it’s little wonder Frazer’s music is inspired by the highlands and ruined castles echoing to ancient battles.”  Enjoy “Art of World” exhibition video above to the balladic  “Damn You All” by Frazer Kennedy.


Tracy and Russell Rose are looking at my photography  at La Galleria Pall Mall

The show celebrated the arrival of Spring.  Painters and photographers from Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the United States showcased a variety of interpretations of the theme.  I was invited as a guest photographer and displayed three of my photographs at the exhibition.

Eugenie Absalom and Elizabeth Jones at “Art of the World” exhibition

The show was curated by Zina Bercovici.  Participating artists included: Anna Maria Artegiani, Leonid Bratislav Musicki, Marcio Decker, Hale Karacelik, Marko Krajcar, Sergej Ovcharuk, Eva M. Paar, Anne-Marie Paris-Leroy, Anne le Sergent, Anne Marie Torrisi, Ferdinando Valentini and Paul Ygartua.

Musician Frazer Kennedy is looking at my photography at La Galleria Pall Mall

News and photography by Eugenie Absalom

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Femme Fierce paints Leake Street Tunnel Pink

Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover on 8 March 2014.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom


International Women’s Day 2014 saw over a hundred Femme Fierce all female graffiti/street artists paint the 300 meter long Leake Street Tunnel, also known as Banksy Tunnel,  in London’s Waterloo pink, in support of Breast Cancer Care charity.

Graffiti artist by her Butterfly artwork in Leake Street Tunnel.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom

“Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover” by Street Art Agency in partnership with Cre8 Gallery, Paint my Panda and Girls on Top, set a new graffiti record in the name of charity on Sunday, 8 March.

“Girls Reload!” graffiti work by Zabou.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom


All female Femme Fierce street art extravaganza, featuring some of the very best UK and global female street artists, continues till 14 March.

Visit my DEMOTIX page to view more photos of Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover:

Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover turns the tunnel pink for charity

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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London New Year Celebrations 2014

London New Year fireworks as seen from Storey’s Gate.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


London welcomed in 2014 with a spectacular multi-sensory fireworks display on the banks of the river Thames.  Special effects included fruit flavours and smells.  I recorded the fireworks from Storey’s Gate in Westminster.

London New Year fireworks 2014 video, Storey’s Gate


I was very lucky to be invited by a friend to the UK film premier of “The Artist” at the Royal Albert Hall on the New Year’s eve.  This sweet and charming black-and-white romantic comedy, set in the 1920 – 30s, pays homage to the silent era and moves the audience with its storyline and music.

Elizabeth Jones and Eugenie Absalom at The Artist live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall


The most awarded French film in history, this silent movie by Michel Hazanavicius, was screened with London Symphony Orchestra and featured music by Ludovic Bource.

London Symphony Orchestra performs live at The Artist UK film premier.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


The Royal Albert Hall provided an exceptional setting for this celebrated film, that won five Oscars, seven BAFTAs, six Césars and three Golden Globes.

The Artist live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


A unique black and white magic, an extraordinary choice of film sets at Hollywood actors residences, a brilliant act by Jean Dujardin as The Artist, George Valentin and Bérénice Béjo as Peppy Miller and the film’s music by French composer Ludovic Bource, reflecting the spirit of Hollywood, blended together in a star quality performance, full of joie de vivre.

Visit my DEMOTIX page to view my photos of

The Artist live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the New Year eve.


London New Year fireworks 2014, Storey’s Gate.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

Happy New Year!


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Christmas Lights and Celebrations in London

Inflatable Santa Claus and Snowman in Collingham Road in London. Photo © Eugenie Absalom


These charming inflatable Christmas figures of Santa Claus and a Snowman in front of a house in Collingham Road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are helping to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Follow the links to view my photos:

Christmas night in The Boltons in London

Covent Garden Christmas lights and London’s largest Christmas tree

Ecological Christmas tree in Ealing sends a message to recycle



My Christmas pic of the illuminated House of Fraser store in Oxford Street was published in Le Figaro article “Shopping a Londres pour les Galeries Lafayette” on the December talks to buy House of Fraser between French department store group Galeries Lafayette and its British counterpart House of Fraser.


Christmas art show “Lights in the Winter” at La Galleria Pall Mall in the Royal Opera Arcade brought together 28 artists from 14 countries. The exhibition Opening Night saw “High Time” CD launch by singer songwriter Frazer Kennedy.  My photos of Frazer Kennedy were used on the “High Time” CD cover and in CD booklet.

Rooftop photo of Frazer Kennedy on the “High Time”  CD cover.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Enjoy the art to “Streets of Dreams” and Frazer Kennedy’s new hit song “You Don’t Know”.

Lights in the Winter exhibition Opening Night at La Galleria Pall Mall on 9 December 2013


Frazer Kennedy “High Time” CD launch at La Galleria Pall Mall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Western Christmas is in full swing, but Orthodox Christmas did not arrive yet.  It is celebrated by Russians on 7 January.  It is a bank holiday in Russia.  Russians celebrate the start of a new year with a 10 days break, starting on 1 January. It includes New Year holiday on 1 – 5 January, Russian Orthodox Christmas on 7 January and weekends in between.  Celebrations continue on 14 January, on the Old New Year day in Russia.  Video below features a quick glimpse of the Divine Liturgy at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of  the Dormition of the Mother of God and All Saints in Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge.

Follow the links to view my photos of:

Divine Liturgy at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in London ahead of Christmas.

Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus covered with Christmas snow globe

Oxford Street Christmas Lights on the eve of switch on


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the Royal College of Art

Pandemonia and fashion student at the Royal College of Art Artist’s Talk.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk, presented by fashion designer and tutor Flora McLean, took place at the Royal College of Art on 14 November 2013.   It provided insights into the story of Pandemonia character and its rise to fame over the past several years.

Dressed in a pink with brown latex dress, completed with a whirl of yellow inflatable hair, white gloves, brown purse, high heels and dark glasses, the artist shared with students an engaging story of success of Pandemonia character.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in Kensington Gore.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


“It is great pleasure to be here”, – started Pandemonia, “because many years ago when I applied for MA Printmaking, the Royal College lost my portfolio.  I actually had to do my interview without my work and I didn’t get in.  My portfolio turned up at Chelsea instead.  This is what could happen to you”, – concluded Pandemonia to giggles in the auditorium.


“When I did my Fine Art Degree”, – continued Pandemonia,  “I did printmaking.  At the time printmaking was seen as a kind of a third rate art, third rate to painting and sculpture, like it wasn’t really fine art.  But I thought that printmaking was the most modern and most powerful of the mediums”.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in Kensington Gore.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia was interested in advertising, in things like archetypes, patterns of thoughts and ideas, and especially images of an exotic woman.

Working on the image of an exotic woman, Pandemonia looked at the evolution of human body and female form in particular, from classical ancient cultures till nowadays. “Bodies are objectified these days. It is society that is imposing on the body, it is not the other way around,” – said Pandemonia.

The artist worked on the ideal body shape in order to bring about a kind of a photoshopped image into real life.

In 2000 the ideas came together.  As unlikely as it may seem Pandemonia used Venus and Cupid painting by Lucas Cranach as a prototype of Pandemonia and inflatable dog Snowy, that is accompanying its owner on every occasion.  According to Pandemonia, Snowy is a great thing to have.  Dogs always break the ice. Everybody likes Snowy. “It is very useful, it is like to have a device,” – said the artist.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in London.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia is very much into new media.  It helps the artist to create his own narrative. Pandemonia set up a blog, focusing on fame, luxury and celebrity. Working in a gallery does not bring the same result to a performance artist as being a walking art work.

“I tried different locations. Different locations mean very, very different things, ” – continued the artist.  “Pandemonia doesn’t really work in a club environment.  It is sort of carnivalesque, but it works in isolation. At a carnival everybody is dressed mannerial, but it is like a safe box. Pandemonia doesn’t work this way, it is separate.” Pandemonia image is not outlandish in nature, it is a prototype, the way it was designed by the artist.

You can come across Pandemonia at fashion shows, art evenings. The very first fashion show Pandemonia went to, she was seated at a front row.  And it is always the case.


Pandemonia and Eugenie Absalom at the RCA Lecture Theatre in South Kensington.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk took place in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Darwin building in Kensington Gore, South Kensington and was attended by art and fashion students.

Visit my DEMOTIX column to view photos of Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the Royal College of Art.

Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the Royal College of Art in London


View more of my Pandemonia photos and read stories:

Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction 2013 raised money for Cancer Support

Pandemonia visits Symphony of Colours exhibition launch in London

Pandemonia at Eleni Gagoushi private view in BAKU restaurant London

Fred Butler Debut Presentation at London Fashion Week 2011

Pandemonia Blond Curls at London Fashion Week 2011


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Fashion in Art Space transforms Pushkin Fine Arts Museum

Valentin Yudashkin white silk dress from Russian Modern collection.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Fashion in Art Space exhibition of haute couture dresses by the famous Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin started in the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum in Moscow.  It is a double celebration of Yudashkin’s 50th birthday and the 25 years of his artistic career.


Dresses from V. Yudashkin haute couture collections in Ancient Greece Hall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Over quarter of a century, Valentin Yudashkin has created more than fifty fashion collections.  Each one is a revelation.  His best creations are on display in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts since the 15th October 2013.


Detail of V. Yudashkin Butterfly collection dress in Italian Art Hall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


This extraordinary display showcases Russian style in all its glory, splendor and lavish exuberance as designed by Valentin Yudashkin.  Organza, crinoline and rhinestones blend harmoniously with ancient Greek and Roman statues and look as a splendid addition to the Renaissance paintings in the museum.


Taffeta dress with crystals from V. Yudashkin Wartime Actresses collection.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Fashion in Art Space – Valentin Yudashkin exhibition dates are: 15 October – 15 December 2013.

Address is:  Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, 12 Volkhonka Street, Moscow, 121019.

Visit my DEMOTIX column to view more Fashion in Art Space exhibition photos:

Fashion in Art Space exhibition begins in Moscow


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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London Open House: Embassy of the Netherlands

My cup of Dutch coffee at the Embassy of the Netherlands.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


This year Embassy of the Netherlands opened the gates for the first time in its history. On Saturday, 21 September visitors were treated to a comprehensive tour of the abstract style diplomatic mission and a cup of Dutch coffee.


Abstract interior of the Dutch Embassy in London.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


The Dutch diplomatic mission has occupied its 38 Hyde Park Gate residence in Kensington since the end of the Second World War.


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London. Photo © Eugenie Absalom


The monumental red brick facade of the seven storey 19th century building is in contrast with its brand new bold and bright abstract interior design by Dutch artists. The interior designer of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs and her colleague who is in charge of the Netherlands Government Art Collection took part in 2012 renovations at the embassy.


Interior of the Dutch Embassy in London. Photo © Eugenie Absalom


British design by Paul Smith can be seen on the fabrics of all the chairs and loose cushions.

I enjoyed a cup of bitter Dutch coffee from a retro style coffee machine in the Embassy bar and was quite impressed with hospitable and arty Dutch embassy in London.


The Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands portrait at the Dutch Embassy.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Visit my DEMOTIX page to view more photos of London Open House at the Embassy of the Netherlands on 21 September 2013:  Embassy of the Netherlands:  London Open House 2013

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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SS14 Fashion Show – Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church

PRITCH London SS14 leather jackets catwalk at LFW.  Video by Eugenie Absalom


Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church hosted a number of exciting fashion events during London Fashion Week in September 2013.

Arina Pritch, young and inspiring designer from Saint Petersburg in Russia, presented an array of multi coloured stylish leather jackets and coats for independent women.


Arina Pritch flanked by models in PRITCH SS14 leather jackets. Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Classic black and snow white colour leather outfits were complemented with luxury red, screaming pink, pale lemon, ivory, deep purple and navy blue leathers.  Slashed skin tight trousers and skyscraper heels completed the sexy look of long legged models.


Model in PRITCH London SS14 red leather jacket.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

Visit my DEMOTIX page to view more photos of PRITCH London leather jackets collection SS14:

PRITCH London SS14 Leather Jackets added colour to London Fashion Week


UK accessories label Age of Reason brought in a playful, punk twist to SS14 fashion collection at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church with its pure silk, chiffon and cotton scarves known for definitive luxury finish and artful colour combinations.


Age of Reason designer Ali Taylor Mapletoft.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


The Pirate Queen (I Will Never Surrender) and God Save The Queen scarves from earlier Ali Taylor Mapletoft collections set the mood for Age of Reason SS14 display.


Ali Taylor Mapletoft next to Pirate Queen and God Save The Queen scarfs. Photo © Eugenie Absalom


More photos of the Age of Reason scarves SS14 display at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church during London Fashion Week: Age of Reason SS14 – London Fashion Week

Seven feet tall pop artist Pandemonia with ever present inflatable pet dog Snowy (apparently a cross between a Scottie and an Airedale) was among the front row guests at the catwalk.

Eugenie Absalom with pet dog Snowy and Pandemonia at LFW SS14 show.


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Frazer Kennedy “Streets of Dreams” – Rooftop Singing

“Streets of Dreams” video by Eugenie Absalom.  Click on the cover to watch the video.


“Streets of Dreams” official music video with Frazer Kennedy singing his catchy 2006 song on one of the roofs in Earls Court went live on YouTube on 15 August 2013.

The video was shot across central London and features streets and buildings of Kensington, Westminster, the City of London and Camden, including Notting Hill, The Boltons, Kensington Palace Orangery, Victoria Memorial, the Floral Crown in St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace Gardens, The Gherkin, King’s Cross, roof graffiti in Earls Court, “Sensational Butterflies” exhibition at the Natural History Museum, as well as Trafalgar Square fountains and the South Bank by night and the tube.


Frazer Kennedy Butterfly artwork by Eugenie Absalom, 2013.


“Streets of Dreams” video director and camera:  Eugenie Absalom.

Special thanks to artist from Italy Giacomo Sonaglia for a kind permission to use the image of his painting “Mother Nature and the Four Elements” in the video.


“Street of Dreams Piano” by Eugenie Absalom, 2013


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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The Queen’s Coronation 1953 at Buckingham Palace

“The Queen’s Coronation 1953” display at Buckingham Palace.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


For the first time since Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation Day in 1953, a spectacular Coronation show at Buckingham Palace brought together an array of royal dress, robes, uniform, jewels and diamonds as part of the State Rooms Summer Opening 2013.

“The Queen’s Coronation 1953” exhibition (27 July – 29 September) is celebrating the 60th anniversary of this historic event.  Royal regalia, paintings, photography and recordings recreate the atmosphere of that extraordinary State occasion that has remained essentially unchanged for the past 1,000 years.

The crowning of the Sovereign is an ancient ceremony.  For the last 900 years it has taken place at Westminster Abbey.  Before the Abbey was built, Coronations were carried out at Bath, Oxford, Canterbury, etc.


Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Dress and the 6,5 metres long Robe.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


The Palace’s Ballroom houses a grandeur and sumptuous display of elaborate gowns and uniforms, worn by the senior royals and The Queen’s Maids of Honour at coronation. The centerpiece of the show is the Queen’s white satin Coronation dress, created by the British couturier Norman Hartnell. The design incorporates an iconographic scheme of embroidered national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold, silver and pastel-coloured silks, encrusted with crystals, pearls and sequins.

The Dress embroideries were are arranged in three scalloped tiers with a pointed waist. Each tier, together with the edge of the skirt, were embellished with a border of gold bugle beads, diamantes and pearls. The skirt has a slight train and was reinforced with horsehair crinoline – a woven fabric made of a mixture of linen and horsehair. It ensured that the skirt would not lose its shape under the weight of embroideries.

Coronation dress, Coronation State Banquet display & original BBC camera.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


As part of the exhibition this summer, The State Dining Room is dressed to recreate the atmosphere of Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation State Banquets of 3 and 4 June 1953.

Visit Demotix to view more of my photos of  The Queen’s Coronation 1953 exhibition.


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Martin Lewis Live at NUJ Freelance Meeting in Euston

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis at NUJ Freelance meeting.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom/NUJ


What can be more inspiring for a freelance journalist than to see and hear a fellow NUJ member, who happens to be in a multi-million category and have a chance to ask him questions?

Martin Lewis, founder and editor of MoneySavingExpert website and of ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Show, shared hints and tips of his skyrocketing career with freelancers at NUJ meeting in London.  It took place at Friends House in Euston on 8 April.

At the meeting Martin Lewis described his progress from a small personal website and e-mailing his now famous “Martin’s Money Tips” to a database of 700 – 800 contacts in 2003 to becoming the owner and editor-in-chief of the biggest personal finance website in the UK with the audience of over 13 million monthly users and 7.65 million receiving his money tips e-mail.


Martin Lewis at the NUJ Freelance meeting at Friends House.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom/NUJ


“No one can pay to be on my website,” – said Martin Lewis.   The MoneySavingExpert website generates income through affiliate links.  It is editorially independent, with a bigger Forum than Twitter.  “We must always write what is best for our users,” – he added.

There is a great deal of personal research going into all the material, published on  “If you go back to personal finance journalism when I started it was about stocks and shares, occasionally mortgages and gas and electricity ….that was a bit radical…  And it was all about getting quotes from somebody in my industry.”

The key to his online success is unique content.  “When I write, I always write in the first person.  People want to see the whites of the eyes of the journalist who wrote it. I do not work off press releases.  I do my own research.  It’s called journalism, ” – concluded Martin Lewis.

In September 2012 he sold the website to the Group for £87 million, while he remains editor-in-chief of

Martin Lewis has his own prime-time ITV programme  – The Martin Lewis Money Show. He is also resident expert on Daybreak, Lorraine, This Morning, Radio 5 Consumer Panel and Radio 2 Vine and more.

Visit DEMOTIX to view my photos of Martin Lewis at the NUJ Freelance meeting at Friends House.


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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My Photography at Eternal Eve 2013 Exhibition

Eugenie Absalom and her photography at Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition in London.


Eternal Eve 2013 international contemporary art exhibition is under way at La Galleria Pall Mall in central London between 11 and 16 March.  The show is celebrating spring holidays of the 8th March and Mother’s Day.  Paintings, sculpture, digital art and photography were put together by curator Zina Bercovici to pay tribute to a woman in the contemporary society.

Female form is open to artistic interpretations.  It is displayed in a variety of shapes, techniques and styles.  Eternal Eve 2103 display combines figurative works and abstract works, representing women as seen by both male and female artists from 10 countries: UK, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, India, Sweden and South Africa.


Eugenie Absalom and her photographs Ballerina and Model at La Galleria Pall Mall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


My photographs include:  “Galina” that shows the first female artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet Galina Stepanenko, sitting against the backdrop of a Moscow view from the window of a ballet studio, “Model” digital art work, inspired by designer Fred Butler SS12 collection presentation at London Fashion Week 2011, “London Icons” photograph of the four London icons: red telephone box, double decker bus, black taxi and Olympic mascot statue in Strand, “Bee” image and my photograph of a young ballerina, having fun in Green Park during the London Olympics 2012.


Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition video to Delilah by Sir Tom Jones at the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

La Galleria Pall Mall is inside the Royal Opera Arcade, just off Trafalgar Square and Pall Mall at 30 Royal Opera Arcade, 5b Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 4UY.   Eternal Eve 2013 dates are:  11 – 16 March 2013.

View my photos of the Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition preview at La Galleria Pall Mall on 11 March.

Inspired by Women – Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition launched in London


Russian artist from Norwich Gena Ivanov happened to be among the visitors of Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition preview.  He came up with this oil portrait of musician Oleg Lapidus, who played saxophone and clarinet on the night.

Exhibition Day by Gena Ivanov, oil on canvas with musician Oleg Lapidus at La Galleria Pall Mall.


Photos of my photos at La Galleria Pall Mall during Eternal Eve 2013 exhibition on 11 – 16 March 2013.


Eugenie Absalom photography at La Galleria Pall Mall.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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Olympian Body Casts and Nuclear Physicist at ROA Gallery

Louise Giblin ARBS and her body cast sculptures at ROA Gallery.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


I came across amazing body cast sculptures of Louise Giblin ARBS at the Collective of Women Artists exhibition preview at the Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery in London.

Her works represent a unique combination of skill, innovation, striking detail and creative approach to depicting her subjects.  Some of her famous sitters include Olympic heroes Kriss Akabusi MBE, Sally Gunnell OBE and Paralympian Darren Leach, who’s limited edition casts in bronze, copper and aluminium are currently displayed at the Collective of Women Artists show.   Exhibition dates are 5 – 15 March 2013.  The ROA Gallery is inside the Royal Opera Arcade, just off Pall Mall.


Body cast sculptures by Louise Giblin ARBS at the ROA Gallery.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Another surprise of the exhibition preview was the chef, called Sarah-Jane Victoria Brookes.  Sarah-Jane from Mayfair was serving us cooked snacks with style, appropriate for an elite art event.   The funny bit came when I learnt about her background as a nuclear physicist.



Nuclear Physics PhD and amazing chef Sarah-Jane Brookes at the ROA Gallery.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


As conversation went on we left the gallery and stepped outside.  There is Ducketts book store in the Royal Opera Arcade next door to the ROA Gallery.  I noticed “Death of a Dissident:  The Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and the Return of the KGB” book by Alexander Goldfarb and Marina Litvinenko in its window.

Amazingly, Sarah-Jane happened to be at the same hospital as Alexander Litvinenko at the time of his poisoning, just two wards away from him.  She had a surgery for appendicitis at the time.  There was an old lady in the ward, separating her from Litvinenko.  The old lady died and they brought a coffin for her.  But they must have confused the rooms and the coffin ended up in Sarah-Jane’s ward.  She still has a very special memory of that incident and a story to tell.

View my photos of Louise Giblin ARBS at the Collective of Women Artists exhibition preview on DEMOTIX.


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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London Fashion Week AW13 at BAKU London Was Fun

Eugenie Absalom in floral skull head piece at LFW AW13, BAKU London.


New London restaurant, called BAKU after the capital of Azerbaijan, hosted a series of fashion shows during the London Fashion Week AW2013.  I visited two catwalks:  by Soho based Italian designer Nico Didonna and Norwegian designer Nina Naustdal from Chelsea.  The decadent interiors of the Knightsbridge restaurant created an impressive backdrop for shows and receptions:  with mirrors, white chandeliers and art on the walls.


Nico Didonna catwalk show at BAKU London, LFW AW13.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

Nina Naustdal reception at BAKU London.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom

AW13 fashion exhibition at BAKU London bar.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Nico Didonna presented his chic and glamorous Autumn Winter evening collection alongside innovative menswear to Jazz music on 15 February.  Calm Jazz sensations blended with Crepe Jersey, silks and cashmere and culminated in spellbinding movements, that showcased the female form.  Double cobalt blues with gold metals, seductive reds, soft leathers and luxurious wool offered a unique, quality choice for a discerning client.


Pandemonia with Snowy dog, Tracy Rose and British Bulldog Pavarotti.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


British Bulldog Pavarotti watched Nico Didonna catwalk with a kind of interest from a front row seat.

Chelsea based designer of Norwegian origin Nina Naustdal presented her Autumn Winter 2013 Gold collection at BAKU on 18 February.  Inspired by raw diamonds, her collection featured exotic shimmering animal print gowns and stunning separates in vivid colour palette, classically tailored in silk, chiffon and velvet with  leather detail.


Nina Naustdal AW13 Gold collection catwalk.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


You are welcome to visit my photo reports of fashion shows on DEMOTIX:

Nico Didonna Fashion Show at BAKU Restaurant in London

Nina Naustdal Autumn Winter 2013 Gold Collection at BAKU London


News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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