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Femme Fierce paints Leake Street Tunnel Pink

Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover on 8 March 2014.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom


International Women’s Day 2014 saw over a hundred Femme Fierce all female graffiti/street artists paint the 300 meter long Leake Street Tunnel, also known as Banksy Tunnel,  in London’s Waterloo pink, in support of Breast Cancer Care charity.

Graffiti artist by her Butterfly artwork in Leake Street Tunnel.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom

“Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover” by Street Art Agency in partnership with Cre8 Gallery, Paint my Panda and Girls on Top, set a new graffiti record in the name of charity on Sunday, 8 March.

“Girls Reload!” graffiti work by Zabou.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom


All female Femme Fierce street art extravaganza, featuring some of the very best UK and global female street artists, continues till 14 March.

Visit my DEMOTIX page to view more photos of Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover:

Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover turns the tunnel pink for charity

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom

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