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Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the Royal College of Art

Pandemonia and fashion student at the Royal College of Art Artist’s Talk.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk, presented by fashion designer and tutor Flora McLean, took place at the Royal College of Art on 14 November 2013.   It provided insights into the story of Pandemonia character and its rise to fame over the past several years.

Dressed in a pink with brown latex dress, completed with a whirl of yellow inflatable hair, white gloves, brown purse, high heels and dark glasses, the artist shared with students an engaging story of success of Pandemonia character.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in Kensington Gore.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


“It is great pleasure to be here”, – started Pandemonia, “because many years ago when I applied for MA Printmaking, the Royal College lost my portfolio.  I actually had to do my interview without my work and I didn’t get in.  My portfolio turned up at Chelsea instead.  This is what could happen to you”, – concluded Pandemonia to giggles in the auditorium.


“When I did my Fine Art Degree”, – continued Pandemonia,  “I did printmaking.  At the time printmaking was seen as a kind of a third rate art, third rate to painting and sculpture, like it wasn’t really fine art.  But I thought that printmaking was the most modern and most powerful of the mediums”.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in Kensington Gore.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia was interested in advertising, in things like archetypes, patterns of thoughts and ideas, and especially images of an exotic woman.

Working on the image of an exotic woman, Pandemonia looked at the evolution of human body and female form in particular, from classical ancient cultures till nowadays. “Bodies are objectified these days. It is society that is imposing on the body, it is not the other way around,” – said Pandemonia.

The artist worked on the ideal body shape in order to bring about a kind of a photoshopped image into real life.

In 2000 the ideas came together.  As unlikely as it may seem Pandemonia used Venus and Cupid painting by Lucas Cranach as a prototype of Pandemonia and inflatable dog Snowy, that is accompanying its owner on every occasion.  According to Pandemonia, Snowy is a great thing to have.  Dogs always break the ice. Everybody likes Snowy. “It is very useful, it is like to have a device,” – said the artist.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the RCA in London.  Photo © Eugenie Absalom


Pandemonia is very much into new media.  It helps the artist to create his own narrative. Pandemonia set up a blog, focusing on fame, luxury and celebrity. Working in a gallery does not bring the same result to a performance artist as being a walking art work.

“I tried different locations. Different locations mean very, very different things, ” – continued the artist.  “Pandemonia doesn’t really work in a club environment.  It is sort of carnivalesque, but it works in isolation. At a carnival everybody is dressed mannerial, but it is like a safe box. Pandemonia doesn’t work this way, it is separate.” Pandemonia image is not outlandish in nature, it is a prototype, the way it was designed by the artist.

You can come across Pandemonia at fashion shows, art evenings. The very first fashion show Pandemonia went to, she was seated at a front row.  And it is always the case.


Pandemonia and Eugenie Absalom at the RCA Lecture Theatre in South Kensington.


Pandemonia Artist’s Talk took place in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Darwin building in Kensington Gore, South Kensington and was attended by art and fashion students.

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Pandemonia Artist’s Talk at the Royal College of Art in London


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